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GOLD course description

Welcome to Kalari Lab Online. The only virtual school in the Martial and Healing art of Kalarippayattu. 

Congratulations. You have begun the training as a GOLD PASS holder. This is an excellent decision as basically you will be getting all of the LIVE content at no additional price: This includes weekly LIVE classes via Zoom, monthly LIVE 1-to-1's with me and weekly LIVE Q&A discussions with Dr. Caoru Osani on different topics related to Kalari. 

The first 8 lessons are all included in your first month's subscription. The second 8 will be made available should you stay subscribed for a 2nd month. Each month we shall make available to you 8 new training classes and 4 new science discussions.

Please note: If you decide to end your subscription - we will still allow you to keep access to all the lessons you have covered

Lets take a look together at what you will cover in the Level 1 course: First foundations (2 months)  

Training videos: 

Included in this 2 month course are 16 training videos and 8 Kalari science videos as well as all the LIVE content mentioned above. Plus a bonus video (that you can download) covering the first 18 warm-up exercises (LOHAR). 

You will start by learning the first warm-ups from Kalari (LOHAR) which are designed to improve flexibility, strength and balance. They are grounding exercises and can be practised alone if you have only 15 minutes available to train - this is an excellent use of that time. 

The next ting we will learn is the first of the leg-exercises of Kalugal (straight-leg kick). This works to lengthen the muscles in the back of the legs and down the back of the body. You will feel a significant increase in hip flexibility from this exercise. We shall then go on to learning the next 3 Kalugal or leg swings (vitukkal, akamkkal; and konkkal). Together these 4 leg swinging exercises (kicks) will lengthen and strengthen all the muscle working around your hips and lower back. 

We then move onto the postures of Kalari, the building blocks of the forms (VADIVU). Over the 2 month Level 1 course you shall learn Horse, Elephant, Cat, Rooster, Peacock, Lion, Snake and Wild-Boar. As stand-alone exercises these are excellent for improving joint stability, increasing muscle strength and length. 

These VADIVU are then put together to make the different forms from Northern style Kalari (Vadakkam). The first is called the Kalari Vandaanam: designed to release the joints of the spine and align the body. We shall then move onto learning more complex forms including the first of the Vadakkam prayer forms (Ishwari Vannakam) and the much longer and complex Arrapukai or Sakti form. We shall start with the water version of this form, which is much less practised and less known, even in Kerala itself. This form is designed to 'soften' the body and to calm the mind. It is a fluid and elegant form and you will discover a way of moving that you may not realise you were able to achieve. 

Kalari Science:

Each month you will receive 4 Kalari science videos to give you an understanding of the science (both eastern and western) that is explaining how and why Kalari works. The first 3 of this will be a mini-series on Fasciology. The study of our connective tissue that is now considered to be where our energy body resides.

  1. Fasciology part 1
  2. Pasciology part 2
  3. Fasciology part 3
  4. What is Ballistic stretching?
  5. What is Intrinsic Equilibrium?
  6. What is Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation?
  7. What is Isometric exercise?
  8. What is Plyometric exercise?

There is a lot to cover in these 2 month, however the progression is very gradual and I ask you not to push too hard and simply follow the training programs given. Start with the 30 day program and then at the end of the first month you can move onto the program for days 31-60. You will notice there is a progression built-in to the program. Should you find this is too demanding for your current exercise capacity and/or physical health - please contact me directly and we can discuss how to modify it. 

You can do this through the teachable app (see contact teacher button above) or through our Kalari Lab Online Forum on Discord.

Here is the link: Click here to join our Forum

You are now part of a small circle of privately coached students and will receive regular updates and plenty of LIVE content and personalised coaching.

I am very happy to have you as a GOLD PASS student and on behalf of the whole team, welcome you to Kalarilab Online, the only virtual school in Kalarippayattu.

Adam Phillips

Senior Teacher, Kalari Lab Online

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